Modulated ultrasound

  • neuromodulation
  • Sonoporation
  • Blood-brain barrier modulation
  • We develop systems for experiments in focused pulsed ultrasound. The setups are mostly used in research in biology, medicine, chemistry and other sciences. The systems are based on a Moduson platform which integrates computer control, ultrasound generation, amplification and also measurements in one device.


    Computer controlled measuring card allows generattion of high frequency signals, simultaneously measure signals and display them on a desktop application. We offer custom design setups and accessories based on user’s needs and requrements.
    Frequency range: 100 kHz to 1 MHz

    Cost friendly

    Our product is affordable. We offer also cooperation agreements in research and/or developement.

    smartphone friendly

    Because of our browser app you can also set your device parameters with your smartphone or tablet. Fast and easy.

    User friendly

    With our system you can design and prepare an experiment fast and easy. Web application is simple to use and optimized for experiments in pulsed ultrasound.

    About us

    Ultrasonic modulation will be a game changer in various disciplines

    We are a motivated young group based in Ljubljana, Slovenia with backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer science, physics, economics and medicine. Under the guidance of our mentors from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Medicine we are working on creating an ultrasound system for use in biomedical research that will be capable of modulating activity of the cells . We firmly believe that ultrasonic modulation will be a "game changer" in various disciplines in medicine and are working hard to provide you with the best tools to be a trailblazer in this exciting research field.

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